Consulting and support of
contractors and developers

Faced with a constantly growing market, resulting in increasingly active competition in the new construction or renovation market, construction professionals are looking for multiple ways to differentiate themselves, notably through ambitious, innovative projects, with increasingly developed services or assets.

Nevertheless, the great construction business continues to suffer from a difficult image, sometimes rightly, often wrongly.

One of the keys to the evolution of this market necessarily involves a change in this perception.

To do this, we put in place an offer, dedicated to developers and/or builders, organized around a multidisciplinary team, made up of experts recognized in each of their fields: for example, lawyers, architects, engineers, technologists, and ourselves.

Most of the time, buildings and their newly elected directors are neither accompanied nor equipped to properly administer the Syndicate and manage with the construction professionals the deficiencies and the monitoring of guarantees

Anticipating the needs of future buyers is essential, especially since it is now even more framed with Laws, like the law 16. Throughout the life of the project, and despite all the challenges associated with construction projects, it is necessary to allow time to build the basis, both of what the priovisional administration of the Syndicate will be, and the final transfer to the final customer.

The premise of this good and sound management is to offer a quality transfer, pro active.

To do this, our team intends to accompany you in the key moments of your project


During construction

Creation and animation of a database of documents likely to be transmitted to the final customer, for example directives, inspection reports, etc.

You can also provide certificates, issued during execution, at key times. These actions can be carried out either by your internal resources, or by external service providers. This transparency will reassure customers, while acting on your legal risk.

During this stage, it is possible to train stakeholders in key positions (superintendents, project managers, project managers for example), in the preventive approach.

The same will apply to the sales teams, who will have to integrate the management approach.

You must also start to prepare your provisional administration of the Syndicate, which is the period that begins with the official constitution of the co-ownership until the transfer of responsibility to the Syndicate, carried out during the transitional general assembly.

In addition to the technical aspect, the drafting phase of the declaration of co-ownership is the main basis for what the new Syndicate will be tomorrow. This document is one of the major points of reference for setting the rules, the organization, the structure of the project. Poor drafting can have significant consequences for both end customers, but also for the promoter / builder, especially for the liability aspect.

The notary in charge must therefore be trained on these complex subjects.


Provisional administration

The Syndicate is officially created, and switches from a construction site to that of a legal entity, autonomous, but still under the responsibility of the developer/builder. The declaration of co-ownership will have provided for the name or entity that will assume the functions of interim administrator. The aim is to serve as a director pending the formation of the first board of directors at the transitional general meeting.

Most builders will look for external resources, especially for the last weeks of provisional administration, often from a professional property manager.

Although most of the time selected as part of a rigorous tendering process, this professional often intervenes late in the management of the project and therefore cannot validly advise. Above all, it suffers from a biased image as soon as it takes office, because often associated with the promoter and thus having, so to say, interests divergent from those of the Syndicate. It is common for this manager to lose his mandate in the first two years, making it difficult to manage the building, preserve archives and records, etc.

We recommend letting the end customer choose the right management method for himself (self-management or the manager of his choice), and offer property management brokerage service in this regard.

We are at your disposal for a personalized study of your projects, including the impacts that our service can have:

- Technical Strategy
- Financial Strategy re-evaluation
- Business repositioning
- Communication strategy
- Stakeholder Training
- Sustained or improved financial profitability
- Improved image, reputation and perception of construction trades
- Compliance with new regulatory obligations