Brokerage service
for property management

    Whether you are a new condominium or incorporated for 30 years, the choice of your management company is always complex.

    Over the years, we have noticed that often the cause of managerial changes is related to a major difference between the expectations of the Board of Directors and the co-owners, versus the services that the Manager provides.
    These sometimes frequent changes are detrimental to the good management of the Syndicate since with each change, information is lost, the history of many files also, creating a real prejudice to the building
    To help Syndicates and managers better understand each other and create an objective contractual relationship, we have created a property management brokerage service.
    We offer Syndicates:



    analyze their needs and guide them accordingly. It is important that the expectations of the board of directors are realistic compared to the market and especially compared to the budget which they want to allocate to the management of their co-ownership.

    establish specifications

    consult management companies previously selected and adhering to our quality charter

    proceed with the board of directors with the interviews of the preselected candidates

    produce an objective analysis of the offers

    follow up every 6 months to ensure that the relationship, on both sides, is to the satisfaction
    Our approach allows Syndicates to have a choice of pre-selected professionals, and to have a clear and objective contract.

    Managers, for their part, can have a standardized and objective tool, which will protect their contract and allow them to have their business evaluated without any subjective and unjustified notions.

    Their only obligation is to adhere free of charge to our quality charter, which implies certain quality commitments to the customer.

    The costs of our intervention are borne by the Syndicate and represent a lump sum, to be defined according to the size and specificity of the building.