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We have solutions tailored to your needs available throughout the province of Quebec.

Galileo Conseil offers several innovative and often new alternatives for property management.

We offer Syndicates and their boards of directors the opportunity to manage their buildings with the services of professionals, without taking out an annual service contract.

All this with an approach that redefines the roles of stakeholders, thus changing the usual management method used, resulting in a reorganization of management actions, as well as a revision of annual budgets, the basis of condo fees.

Indeed, most management companies often offer in their service contracts to carry out acts that could be carried out either directly by the board of directors or by other providers such as the concierge, for example.

Each building is different and our central idea is to help you set up a management system of its own. Our aim is to meet the expectations and sometimes disappointments of the co-owners, while optimizing the operating costs.

The aim is to enable Syndicates to make their management very efficient, to allow administrators to better regulate their time and above all to be able to manage their building with the assurance that they meet the legal requirements, protecting their legal responsibility much better and looking after the best interests of the building.

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The very existence of Galileo Conseil was born from the simple observation that the exercise of property management is becoming more and more complex for the boards of directors in charge.

Remember that their activity is mainly based on the civil code, laws that continue to evolve rapidly and the declaration of co-ownership of each real estate complex.

It is also important to remember that the Board of Directors, elected by the co-owners,is legally responsible to administer the Syndicate.

Directors therefore have the choice of either assuming the entire management themselves or having a professional property manager, mandated to take on a number of tasks, on the basis of a service contract that is often unsuitable for Syndicate’s needs.

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The administrators, elected on a voluntary basis and mostly volunteering, must act by discovering the laws and operations of their building as they go along. Associations are often there to support them or training is being created every day. But the fact remains that they have to deal with the multiplicity of problems raised by a building and meet the expectations of the co-owners. And all this as part of their personal time.

The use of a professional property manager is therefore frequently exercised, often out of necessity, sometimes out of spite. And the expectations of directors, and more generally co-owners, are high, in the face of an industry whose cost and quality are constantly evolving. Professional managers face a growing demand from their clients as well as a changing market that makes the management exercise more and more rich and complex.

The relationship between the co-owners and their manager is rarely perfect and above all lasting. Despite all his competence and investment, the professional is only often able to fully meet the requirements of his clients and, in fact, can lead to a form of disappointment, which leads the Boards of Directors to change providers.

These changes are harmful to the life of a building, given the time it takes the professional to properly apprehend the building. Not to mention the loss of information or documents during transfers, despite the help of current regulations.

Directors must therefore be heavily involved in each change, in order to facilitate the success of their manager or simply decide to take over the management themselves, for the sake of efficiency and very often for financial gain.


Galileo Conseil was created in 2014 by Paul Rodrigues, who has extensive experience in the field of co-ownership, both in France and in Canada, which began in 2001.

Structured around its founding CEO and his manager, our team is made up of experts and consultants in fields as varied as they are exciting.

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We want to optimize the management of buildings, and allow administrators to better regulate their time, while managing their Syndicate with the assurance that they meet the legal, technical and financial requirements required.


Each Syndicate is different and our central idea is to help you set up a management system of its own. Our aim is to meet the expectations and sometimes disappointments of the co-owners, while optimizing operating costs.


Our priority remains to help you optimize your wealth, while working in the short, medium and long term on the valuation of your assets, while controlling your expenses, including management. It is through comprehensive and comprehensive assistance from our team that we will achieve your goals.


One of the great strengths of our business is adaptability, and our offerings reflect this great principle. Our wish is to be able to fully adapt to your needs, over the duration you want. Whether it is to set up your communication networks within the building, to accompany you for the setting up of the accounting, or even for the animation of a general meeting, we are at your service. We intervene on any subject related to the world of the property management.

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We offer contracts either by an hourly basis or with a fixed price, depending on the nature of the task to be carried out at your side. This allows you to use our services as you wish and to optimise your management costs.


Whatever your need, we will study with you the best offer, especially since many problems can be dealt with without displacement. This allows us to act throughout Quebec.


We can accompany any type and any size of Syndicates, accompanying, for example, administrators, co-owners or promoters who need help with construction, major projects, a general meeting, claims management, through innovative, transparent and economically adapted solutions.


Our head office is located in Laval, but we are spreading throughout Quebec. We put, in fact, at your disposal the most recent technologies which will allow us to accompany you whatever your location is. For any request or question, do not hesitate to contact us 

  • Either by phone, at 514-360-1036 . Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Outside working hours, our emergency line is at your disposal, via the same number.
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